Management Team


Expert experience delivered with reliable customer service.

Stelco International Limited was founded in 2022 and has traded in steel products and textiles transactions totaling over ten million dollars. Stelco International Limited currently has offices in the United States, India, and Tanzania. The company’s mission is to serve its customers with honesty and integrity as its core values.

Management Team

A team of high performing industry leaders in various business divisions committed to customer satisfaction.

Satpaul Singal

Satpaul Singal is the Founder and President of Stelco International, LLC. Mr. Singal has been in business for over 35 years and has started successful ventures in Hospitality, Travel, and Export/Import Industries. Specifically, Satpaul has traded in textiles, leather, steel products, minerals, and other finished goods. Mr. Singal has executed a variety of transactions between countries in Asia, North America, and Africa. Satpaul is a skilled negotiator with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Neeraj Singal

Neeraj Singal, Vice President of Logistics and Quality at Stelco International, LLC, has over 8 years of experience in logistics and quality in the industry. He has worked in Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Aerospace, and Technology Industries in multi-national organizations and conglomerates. He has managed multi-national teams with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Additionally, Mr. Singal has launched new manufacturing and logistics operations for Amazon across the United States. Neeraj has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University, a highly ranked university in the United States.

Nikhil Singal

Nikhil Singal is the Vice President of Operations at Stelco International, LLC. Nikhil has over 10 years of experience in Healthcare, Supply Chain, Construction, Medical, International Human Resource Management, and Hospitality Industries. Nikhil has managed operations of over 350 employee and $500,000,000 USD of annual revenue. Additionally, Nikhil managed supply chain and logistics for healthcare organization through the Covid-19 global pandemic to ensure patients received the care that was needed. Nikhil has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. Nikhil also receive a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University, the top 3 university for healthcare business in the United States.

Zacharia Gabriel

Zacharia Gabriel Director of Operations at Stelco International Company in Tanzania has reputable experience in mining business and Law field in Tanzania. He has built strong relationships within the government with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals to help drive the import/export of minerals. Additionally, he has worked closely with mine owners to facilitate transactions with buyers and the government of Tanzania. Zacharia has a bachelor degree in Laws from Tumaini University Dar es salaam.